Useful Links

On this page we will collect useful links regarding moving to, living and working in Germany.

  • (English)
    This website by different German ministries and offices focuses on information about “making it in Germany”, such as working, studying and finally moving.
  • (English)
    Find detailed information about studying in Germany.
  • (German, but partly English forum entries)
    info4alien is a German website offering pretty much everything you need to know about the legal background of immigration to Germany. In the forum there are many people who really know the laws and are happy to help you with your personal case.
  • (German and partly English)
    “This association represents the interests of binational families and partnerships throughout Germany. We support the social and legal equality of people regardless of their skin color or their cultural origin. We work as a non-profit organization in more than 20 cities in and outside of Germany. Counseling women and men regarding all issues of binational marriages and relationships is one focus of our work.
  • (German, English and 28 other languages)
    Free German language courses with hearing and reading excercises for different skill levels, news about Germany and about the world in 30 languages.

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