Making decisions

Ali has had a hard time deciding for a way to leave Venezuela. “Escape” would be a better fitting word, though. He is afraid of making the wrong decision and although I can understand him the waiting is straining my nerves. I don’t know when I have become this way but I wish I could just start organizing stuff. Papers, agreements, making phone calls, getting informations, whatever. He is afraid to leave Venezuela not fast enough but on the other hand he also does not want to waste more time with things that he won’t benefit from when it comes to moving to Germany.

In this post I highlighted the main options we consider. Many Venezuelans think about leaving to Ireland to take English classes at the moment. The reason is that there are very few and low restrictions to leave – this a strong pro because Venezuelans have complicated visa conditions for most countries and difficulties to exchange the needed amount of foreign currency due to the governmental restrictions on exchangable money per year. As long as you can afford your living expenses in Ireland and the course fees you’re good to go, though. You can to stay up to one year and even allowed to work meanwhile which is not allowed in Germany for example. If you are lucky to get a permanent contract you are allowed to stay even longer. Anyhow, the more Venezuelans arrive the lower the chances of finding a job get and good language skills are crucial.

And although I would love to have Ali finally by my side I force myself to be rational about this. Actually, I am pretty good at being rational. But even being rational: since Ali’s ultimate plan is to live in Germany (with me) we focus on the possibilities that will get him here instead of looking for an over-night escape plan. Because I have a pretty secure job in sight we will sooner or later get married, anyway, but for some reason (maybe pride) Ali still wants to make it on his own somehow. It took him long enough to come up to me and ask for help. A German course would be a good way to bridge the gap until I finish my master degree and we could marry while studying would equip him with a valuable degree and increase his chances to find a good job.

Decisions, decisions…Hope he makes one soon.

Upcoming: Highlighting different language schools in Germany and things you need to know about visa regulations for language courses!