Where to begin?

Oopsie. It’s been a long time since I last wrote anything on this blog. Jeez, more than two years actually. Although I had been so confident in the beginning to keep writing and thereby document the time till our marriage. Well, chances missed, I guess. Almost – because Ali and me are very close to finally get married in Germany.

But first things first. It’s actually pretty funny how I end up writing this post. Right now I am in Kenya where I was sent by the humanitarian organsation I work for to get an idea of our projects, take great photos and document what experience. Well, eventually I got myself food poisoning – which is the reason I could not attend the mission I was supposed to go on this week. Spending the time till my flight back to Nairobi in our regional office I found a few minutes for the first time in weeks to check my private e-mail beyond mails from family. I stumbled once again over someone commenting “this blog about LDR, Venezuela and our path to marriage that started a few years back”. So since I feel miserable and there is nothing much to do (and because there is finally stable internet connection!) I check out what that person named “SK” wants to tell to the author of an obviously dead blog. I most certainly expected spam.

But nope, surprise, it’s actually someone who has ties to Venezuela and LDR and to whom some of my posts still mean something after all this time. A welcome wake up call. Well, one of the posts commented by him or her seems surprisingly recent.It tells about protests in Venezuela, similar to the ones taking place at the moment. There are so many reasons for these protests as there has so much happened in the past two years that they are difficult to name. To make it short: If the economy was ill before, it’s even worse off now. There are shortages of almost everything due to nationalized/socialzed and then mismanaged companies and strict currency control. The currency control is actually in place for quite some time. But many knew how to betray the system in order to make profits from it or to use the black market as a work-around. Now inflation is so high (700%) that even the black market work-around doesn’t work well anymore and currency control has become much stricter (which would be a good thing if it only meant fighting corruption). Ali needed some meds last week (luckily nothing life-threatening) but of course could not get them anywhere. Anyhow, so things are pretty dire – but you can actually read enough about it in the news if you just google “Venezuela” (sadly).

What about us? (This is the “what happened to you guys”-part requested by SK ;)
As I said earlier we are still on our path to marriage. And when I say “path” I really mean it. We have completed all the paperwork necessary in Germany. So Ali got all those nice little papers that are sometimes difficult to get in Venezuela because the Venezuelan State doesn’t know such documents asked by German authorities like the infamous “Ehefähigkeitszeugnis” – which basically says that you able to get married (wtf?!). I got all of them translated into German – which costed me “only” about 300 Euros (and now I’m just waiting for anyone commenting that they got it way cheaper), handed everything in to the German authorities, namely Standesamt and Kammergericht (district court). The latter was to decide whether the documents we handed in to replace the in Venezuela unknown Ehefähigkeitszeugnis were actually sufficient. They were. Phew – so far, so good.

What is missing now is the “Visum zur Eheschließung”, the specific visa needed to enter Germany for the purpose of marriage (German bureaucracy is great, isn’t it?), for which Ali needs to apply for at the German embassy in Caracas. The documents from me/Germany he needs for this (Verpflichtungserklärung, Letter of Invitation and confirmation by the Standesamt naming the date of the marriage – 30th of September, by the way, woohoo) are on their way via DHL Express. Now we are hoping for them to arrive soon and safely so that he can apply, hopefully gets the confirmation quickly and can then book the flight to Germany.

So that’s it for now. Of course I have left out all the many details, the tears, the worries, the often frustrating seek for information…but as writing makes you reflect I realized that although many things have happened months, sometimes many months ago, they are still extremely present in my mind. So I hope I find the time and nerves to recap these many moments and fill this blog with life again. If not, maybe a gentle reminder by “SK” can send me back on track ;-) But this time: please without free time due to food poisoning.

TLDR – Venzuela is even shittier than in 2014. We are getting married on 30th of September. Period.


2 thoughts on “Where to begin?

  1. Reading this entry brought a huge smile to my face for many reasons, and I have to thanked you ’cause I’ve been feeling kinda down lately actually.
    First, I’m truly glad my post on one of your entries served as a wake up call. I feel kinda honored about it, honestly.
    Secondly, It’s truly great to hear (or read , in this case) that you and your boyfriend (now fiance) are still together (after 10 years) and planning to get married this very same year. It gives people in LDRs hope.
    Last (but not least), Thank you for taking the time to write an update! I hope you keep writing entries on this blog, since I really like the way you write and express yourself, and of course I’m also interested in other’s people experiences in LDRs.

    If at any given point you’re interested in talking, you can reach me at reddit (my username there is SK-Cimi)…

    PS: this little bit “A welcome wake up call. Well, one of the posts commented by him or her seems surprisingly recent” made me laugh a bit, since I didn’t thoroughly thought about how generic and vague the nickname “SK” might sound… I just wanted to clarify that I’m a girl xD

    • Hey SK!
      Thanks for your reply – and really I am the one to thank YOU! I have ways loved writing but in the past two years I have kept myself so busy that I could never really find the tranquility to sit down. It’s like reading for me: If I have so much on my mind and there are so many things to be done I can never relax or concentrate enough. With university graduation, working part/full time, going abroad and Ali spending almost 6 months (!) with me I was happy to just sleep on the couch when there was nothing urgent to do – haha. So this is where this blog temporarily died. But I am glad my post cheered you up. I have also discovered that now much more people blog about LDRs than back in 2014. That’s good because you feel less alone when you can follow many other couple go through long distance.
      Also thank you for clarifying you’re a girl…I honestly thought you were a guy 🙈
      You’ll hear from me soon!

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