First death anniversary of Chavez reactivates international media

As I have learned during my studies of public relations anniversaries are great communication opportunities – positive ones as well as negative ones. In communication anniversaries are often used as a means to bring up and place topics in the media again. The media on the other hand has a predilection for anniversaries for news value reasons.

When browsing the internet this morning I was happy to discover an unusual high amount of features treating Venezuela – even in German media, which is even more unusual as German media seems way too concerned about the situation in Ukraine to focus on any other foreign topic. The thematic anchor has been the first death anniversary of “El Commandante” Hugo Chavez in most of today’s features. The majority of articles highlights the problems Venezuela is facing at the moment and include original quotes from protesters.

I especially liked this sentence from Die Welt, though: “Viele Linke sind irritiert, können oder wollen nicht glauben, was sich in Venezuela abspielt.” (“Many left [foreign activists] are irritated, cannot or do not want to believe what is happening in Venezuela right now.”) This is exactly what I experience way too often when reading online comments. My opinion about their hypocratic behavior has been summarized very well by Michael Moynihan.

The only thing that nags at me is the way some articles place all the guilt on Maduro – I almost feel sorry for him. I mean, come on. All these problems did not come out of nowhere. I have seen them come up and deteriorate over the past couple of years. And no matter how unqualified Maduro might be, even if he had wanted to he could not have ruined Venezuela like this in a single year. He is just not as smart as Chavez was to cover up the ruin for a little longer and keep people satisfied. I get the feeling Maduro is just made the scapegoat for all of Chavez’ doings so the image of the icon the latter has become will remain undamaged. “If Chavez was still alive…” Well, but he isn’t.

That said all in all it is pretty ironic, though: It looks like Chavez, of all people, is the one to reactivate international media to cover Venezuela again. Not in the way he would have liked, for sure, but in my opinion the opposition could not be happier about this little favour from the grave.


6 thoughts on “First death anniversary of Chavez reactivates international media

  1. I found it was a tragedy Chávez died when he did, not just from the human point of view – I have always been opposition but I don’t wish anyone such a death-.
    I knew, like a lot of people with some inkling of understanding about our economy and society, how Chávez had managed to destroy like few had done in the last decades… the real consequences of Chávez’s policies are only starting to become apparent now and this is just the very start.

    The foreign enablers of Chavismo – PSF in the language of God or Deppen ohne Grenzen in your language – will keep saying for decades on end that it was only because of the Comandante Eterno’s death that things started to crumble down.
    Actually: they were crumbling down already while Chávez was alive, but he still had enough money to provide for some little distraction for a while.

    Chávez’s end reminds me a little bit of a short story by Julio Cortáza: Queremos Tanto a Glenda. Hadn’t he died, Chavistas would have had to kill him for their movement to last.

    • Yes, exactly, I couldn’t agree more with you. In a way Chavez was “lucky” to die before the ruin had the chance to surface. Like this he will always remain a hero for Chavistas in Venezuela and abroad.

    • Hey dear, things are okay but not good, thank you, anyway. I have stopped watching videos because it just makes me feel so helpless and useless, I still read news, though. With my new semester at universitys starting I find less time to read and write (blogs), so I am sorry if you won’t hear from me in a while.

      • Oww I’m sorry to hear that :( forget I sent you that link! If it helps..last night at the youth service we took a few minutes to pray for Venezuela, and we believe changes will come :)
        About school, we are in the same situation lol but if there is any major news, don’t forget about us :) my best wishes in your new semester!

      • Oh no, don’t apologize – it’s is really sweet of you to think of me – I appreciate that. Most of my friends and family never talk or ask about my relationship or the circumstances we are in. And though it sometimes feels exhausting to talk about the whole situation my boyfriend and I are both stuck in, it’s also exhausting having no one to talk to about it but him. So really, I appreciate your concern and best wishes :)

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