Learning German online and for free: Deutsche Welle

For all those of you who want to learn German but cannot afford or bring themselves to spend money on professional courses, here comes a free alternative that I discovered when Ali’s old German teacher abandonded him and he could not find a new one that quickly.

The Deutsche Welle is a German broadcasting organisation that features well researched articles and information about events all over the world in 30 languages. It is definitely a good source when it comes to accessing news about events in Germany in your native language as well but what is even better is the free German self-learning lessons they offer. It includes a free placement test, articles and texts to improve your comprehension as well as audio files and slowly read recent news to train your hearing – everything matching the different levels of your language skills. Another plus is that the news part is being constantly updated so there is always new content to learn with. As far as I can tell there aren’t any better websites to learn German for free. If I should stumble across one, anyway, I will definitely let you know.

It does take some self-motivation and time to learn German (or any language) this way, of course. I used to give Ali homework that I would control to build up a little pressure that he needs to get things done. If you do not know any native speaker who has the time to be your “teacher” then try setting yourself repeating reminders on your phone or save yourself one specific evening a week to spend an hour or so on this website – excercising or reading whatever you feel like in that moment because there is no point in killing your motivation by doing things you don’t like.

This site is less suitable to practice your speech but definitely helpful in getting to a point where you  feel more comfortable speaking when it comes to vocabulary and grammar. Hope you can make good use of it!

>> www.dw.de/learn-german/s-2469 


5 thoughts on “Learning German online and for free: Deutsche Welle

    • Hey Tara,
      that’s a great link, thank you for that :) And it’s cool that you seem to be a fan of the German language – my boyfriend gets frustrated pretty fast ;) How do you like Hannover so far – agree with all the Germans who say it’s an awful city?

      • oh, i definitely get frustrated! your boyfriend is not alone in that! the articles and their cases are the hardest part (der tisch but auf DEM tisch! gah!) i’m determined to learn it, though. slow and steady!

        hannover… i wouldn’t say it’s awful. in fact, it’s actually quite pretty and clean and i find the people to be very kind and helpful. that being said, it’s just a bit to slow for me. i think it’s the kind of city that you live if you want the quietness and convenience of the suburbs but also just like to occasionally dabble in city life, nothing too crazy. definitely not for me! i’ll be happy when we move! haha! but i think, for me, it’s a great place to learn german.

        where in germany are you and your boyfriend planning to move?

  1. Well, I have lived in Hannover most of my life and come to love it, it’s just home. I have lived in Karlsruhe for half a year (which is definitely no place for you if you think Hannover is slow – haha) and I have been offered a job in Berlin just recently so I guess that’s where I’ll spend the next few years – I hope with my boyfriend, but it all depends on where he will find a job

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